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To qualify to participate in the Cancer Services Program an individual must:

  • Be a resident of New York State
  • Not have health insurance
  • Have health insurance with a cost share that ma prevent a person from obtaining screening and/or diagnostic services***
  • Meet age requirements

For breast and cervical cancer screening services​:
  • Women ages 40 and older are eligible for a clinical breast exam, pap test, pelvic exam, HPV test, and screening mammogram
  • Women under age 40 at high risk for breast cancer***

For colorectal cancer screening services:​
  • Men and women ages 50 and older at average risk for colorectal cancer are eligible for a fecl immunochemical test kit (FIT)
  • Men and women at increased or high risk for colorectal cancer***

***Contact the Cancer Services Program at 518-525-8680 for further verification on eligibility and any questions. ​